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Blue's Jackpot!
[Image: 77dd602a3e76be4b253b9153dcc00dad.png]
Blue's Jackpot is a betting system designed to give your players another way of making money. Your players bet in-game money and then just wait to see who wins the jackpot, as simple as that!
It is extremely important to note that while <CODE BLUE> no longer is active on gmodstore, Vortexan has stepped in to continue to give support, update and release new addons. Therefore, direct any questions or queries to Vortexan.

  • <CODE BLUE> - Programming

  • Vortexan - jeff

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Excellent post comrade, really had me clinched to my chair wondering what the next event will be. Will we find out? Will you tell us? You had my eyes glued to the screen. I can tell you've been posting for years now because this is 6 star quality right here. If I had to pick a fave part out of this post, it would have to be where you said you are the smartest alpha in your town. Keep up the fantastic posting!

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Thanks kidda

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