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[Image: mvGl87h.gif]

Supports Minecraft Versions 1.8 - 1.13!

Introducing the action-packed Skyblock setup!
NOW $7.50 (WAS $15.00) [50% OFF]

TEST SERVER [6 Slots]:

[Image: NKaH1ie.png]
Key aspects bolded and greened.

| [NEW] Daily Quests: Compete against others in Daily Quests for free prizes. [v1.5]
| [NEW] Custom Enchantments: Upgrade your tools and armor with unique abilities. [v1.0]
| [NEW] Tree Feller: Make chopping trees easy and painless. [v1.4]
| Island Upgrades: Upgrade your generators and island size using money.
| Island Schematics: Two island schematics (Classic and Large)
| Sell Chests: Chests that automagically sell your items.
| Auto Broadcast: Broadcasts to remind players of some of the key features.
| Bank Notes: Withdraw money into bank notes.
| Bounties: Place bounties on other players and kill them for the bounty.
| Chat Control: Moderate chat with ease. Anti-spam, anti-ads, and more.
| Chat Item: Display your held item by typing "[item]".
| Chat Games: Win money by answering chat trivia.
| Chest Shop: Make your own shops with chests.
| Combat Tag: Prevent players from logging out in combat.
| Auctions: Buy and sell items on the auction house.
| Ore Generators: Cobblestone generates generate more than cobblestone.
| Timed Fly: Vote for 10 minutes of fly time.
| Balance GUI: View the top players in a fancy GUI.
| Shop GUI: Buy items from the official server shop.
| Vote Rewards: Vote for money and keys.
| Vote Party: Tons of rewards for reaching 30 votes.
| Harvester Hoes: Farm sugar cane with ease.
| Anti Plugin Viewer: Prevent people from looking at your plugins.
| Island Border: A border around your island.
| Kit GUI: A GUI to claim and preview all kits.
| Lottery: Gamble your money for chances to win big.
| Mob Coins: Kill mobs to earn coins, which can be used to buy items.
| Mob Stacker: Help reduce client-side lag (FPS).
| Name Tags: Colored name tags and tab names based on rank.
| Anti Cheat: Prevent cheaters from ruining the gameplay.
| Ranks: Starter, Coal, Iron, Gold, Diamond, Emerald, Helper, Mod, Admin, Owner.
| Skills: Upgrade your player with skill points.
| Player Vaults: Store your valuables in virtual vaults.
| Rename Tags: A twist on normal name tags.
| Crates: Vote, Mythical, Legendary.
| Silk Spawners: Mine spawners with Silk Touch.
| Spawner Upgrades: Upgrade spawners by right clicking them.
| Scoreboard: A clean scoreboard that shows statistics.
| Trading GUI: The safe way to deal.
| Island WorldEdit: Quickly make changes to your island with World Edit.
| XP Fly: Fly by using your experience.
| 1.8 - 1.13 Support: Allow clients from all major Minecraft versions.
[Image: gefSOoE.png]

[Image: ps4nsOd.png]

[Image: MZS2YQI.png]

[Image: VoPWWMH.png]

[Image: m1Dqxur.png]

[Image: aG07wOU.png]

[Image: SNzhHoL.png]

[Image: FtyJVJb.png]

[Image: Z5ubGsR.png]

[Image: hbQER7H.png]


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Excellent post comrade, really had me clinched to my chair wondering what the next event will be. Will we find out? Will you tell us? You had my eyes glued to the screen. I can tell you've been posting for years now because this is 6 star quality right here. If I had to pick a fave part out of this post, it would have to be where you said you are the smartest alpha in your town. Keep up the fantastic posting!

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