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Survival Game Kit [Newest Version]
[Image: ScreenShot01-1920x1080-dfe8f60b922a42047...d0dba8.png]

Showcase Video
Patch Notes

Defuse Studios are pleased to present our latest project ready for release, Survival Game Kit. We are proud of our project and we believe it to be the best on the market. We look forward to see what you create, Feel free to tag us on your creations on Twitter.

Main Features
  • Multiplayer Support

  • Weapons (Range & Melee)(Trace)

  • M4A4 (AR)

  • P1911 (Pistol)

  • M1982 (Shotgun)

  • Weapon Attachments

  • Weapon Durability

  • Weapon Repairing

  • Full Aim Offsets

  • Live Character Portrait

  • Clean UI

  • Player Building System

  • Destructible Build Parts

  • Ownership

  • Upgrading

  • Repairing

Technical Details 

  • Health, Hunger, Thirst And Stamina

  • First/Third Person Camera Toggle

  • Item Crafting

  • Crafting Queue System

  • Instance Resource Harvesting

  • Movable UI Elements

  • Respawn System

  • Fall Damage

  • Sprinting

  • Starvation and Dehydration

  • Weight

  • Bleed Damage

  • Save System (Single Player Recommended)

  • Use, Equip, Move, Split, Unequip and Stack

  • Full Equipment System

  • Armour System

  • Add New Items And Crafting Recipes Easily

  • Storage Container

  • Campfire, Crafting Bench, Furnace & Bed (Respawn Point)

  • Customizable Sound variables

  • Video Tutorials
Number of Blueprints: 126
Input: Mouse & Keyboard
Network Replicated: Yes
Supported Development Platforms: PC, Mac
Supported Target Build Platforms: PC, Mac
Documentation: Support
Important/Additional Notes: APEX Destruction Plugin Must Be Enabled! (Default Enabled)

This asset is sold as is, I will keep it up to date with the newest engine versions and fix bugs. Features maybe added as and when I have the time to add them.

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Excellent post comrade, really had me clinched to my chair wondering what the next event will be. Will we find out? Will you tell us? You had my eyes glued to the screen. I can tell you've been posting for years now because this is 6 star quality right here. If I had to pick a fave part out of this post, it would have to be where you said you are the smartest alpha in your town. Keep up the fantastic posting!

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