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    Special thanks to:

    @BayGame - First buyer of BuildBattlePro !
    @TheS8921155 - Second buyer of BuildBattlePro
    @Matthew1551 - Third buyer of BuildBattlePro
    @Kerossen2K - Fourth buyer of BuildBattlePro
    @MrFrietberg - Fifth buyer of BuildBattlePro
    @Penguinexpert1 - 100th buyer of BuildBattlePro
    ... and to all others who bought this plugin !
    @Dark_Obscurity - 10.00€ - First donator ! <3
    Remember, donations are not required, but are always welcome :)

    BuildBattle is a building styled minigame where players have to build something relevant to specified theme for a certain time. Players can choose to play solo mode, or team mode to team up with other players or friends. When building time is over, all players will vote for the best build in the game. Player(s) with most vote points is(are) the winner(s)!

    As updates progress and the buyer amount goes up, the plugin's price will increase. So if you want to buy the plugin at a cheaper price it is wise to buy it earlier then later.
    We provide support for the best of our ability. Our Support & Developer team are here to help the moment you need assistance. We have a Discord Support chat which is shared with another developer and
    his resources, which means if they notice a fix but our team doesn't, they will also be able to help you out.
    Our Discord Server powered by Customers, Developers & Moderators, which means support should be efficient and powerful! If you'd prefer, however, you can DM our support team on here and we will still provide the support to the best of our ability. Join our Discord server by clicking Discord image above !

    Other Forms of contacting me:
    • Spigot PM (Click)
    • Skype: kluka.jan
    • Multi-Version compatibility [1.8 - NEWEST (1.12.2)]
    • Multi-Arena / BungeeCord support
    • BungeeCord features like:
      • Auto Joining players into first available arena
      • Sending players back to specified server
      • Automatic server MOTD changing
    • Easy and effortless setup
    • Translate almost everything to your own language
    • Setup game length to your own likely
    • Fancy in-game and main lobby Non-Flickering Scoreboard
    • Join arenas through GUI menu or command
    • No limit of creating arenas
    • Command Whitelist
    • Unlimited themes
      • Solo and Team themes
      • Restriced themes.
    • Solo/Team mode
    • NEW Loading plugin later
      • If you have a server with lot of plugins and BuildBattlePro is not being loaded properly, you can use this feature to delay plugin's load !
    • VIP Permissions
      • Joining full arenas
      • More coming soon on your requests !
    • GUI Arena Editor
      • New amazing in-game Arena Editor
      • Edit all arenas with ease
      • Edit arena mode, minimum players, game time, team size or even delete an arena !
    • Parties
      • Players can create parties to play with friends together !
      • Smart automatic managing of parties(Join together, disband if player leaves, assign free team for party)
      • Set maximum party size in config
      • Smart invitation system and handling of parties
    • Change Floor NPCs
      • Requires Citizens plugin
      • When player Right/Left click this NPC with item in hand, it will change floor of his plot !
      • Create Change Floor NPCs with ease
      • Unlimited amount of Change Floor NPCs
    • Leaderboards:
      • Leaderboard strictly requires HolographicDisplays plugin
      • Easy managing leaderboards with commands
      • Automatic smart updating system of leaderboards
      • Set how many players will be displayed
      • Set your own refresh time
      • Custom format of leaderboards
      • Create unlimited leaderboards
    • Signs
      • Auto-Join signs
      • Custom signs design
      • Smart automatic sign update system with updating also block behind signs
      • Unlimited signs per arena
    • Reports
      • Players can report inappropriate builds during voting
      • Smart report system - Cannot report someone twice, cannot report yourself
    • PlaceholderAPI support
      • %buildbattlepro_wins% - Shows wins
      • %buildbattlepro_played% - Shows played times
      • %buildbattlepro_most_points% - Shows most points
      • %buildbattlepro_blocks_placed% - Shows blocks placed
      • %buildbattlepro_particles_placed% - Shows particles placed
    • Rewards
      • After-game rewards (PointsAPI, Vault)
      • Want another rewards ? PM me, I will add them!
    • GUI Theme Voting
      • Vote for theme you wish to build
      • Voting for themes with live percentage in GUI ! See GIF in "Screenshots" section.
    • Player's statistics:
      • MySQL / Flat file support
      • Played games
      • Wons
      • Most Points gained
      • Blocks Placed
      • Particles Placed
    • Smart arena handling system and automatic resets
    • Advanced in-game build options which includes:
      • Banner creator
        • Create your own banners easily !
        • Includes all banner patterns and colors !
      • Changing plot biome
        • Plains, Mesa, Ocean, Desert, Forest, Jungle, Swamp, Savanna
        • Asynchronous changing of biomes ! No need to reconnect !
      • Changing plot floor
      • Changing plot time
      • Changing plot weather
      • Particles
      • Clearing whole plot
      • Decoration Heads
        • Fully customizable categories
        • Fully customizable menu
        • Unlimited heads in each categories
        • Fancy menu design
    • Lot of cool in-game effects:
      • Voting sounds
      • Countdown sounds
      • Winning fireworks
      • XP-Bar Countdown during voting
      • Titles
      • Green particles around created plot (in setupping arenas)
    • Frequently updated resource with support ready for you anytime !
    • Developer API
    Player Commands:

    • Arena Commands:
      • /bb join » Automatic join first available arena
      • /bb join <arena> » Join specified arena
      • /bb join <solo/team> » Automatic join first available solo/team arena
      • /bb leave » Leave your current arena
      • /bb list » Open up GUI with all arenas
      • NEW /bb list <team/solo> » Open up GUI with all solo/team arenas
    • Other Commands:
      • /bb help » Show list of available player commands
      • /bb stats » Show your BuildBattle stats
    • Party Commands:
      • /bb party create » Create a party
      • /bb party invite <player> » Invite player to your party
      • /bb party accept » Accept invitation to party
      • /bb party decline » Decline invitation to party
      • /bb party leave » Leave your current party
    Admin Commands:
    • Leaderboard Commands:
      • /bb lb create <type> » Create leaderboards with specified type
      • /bb lb select » Select leaderboard closest to you to manage
      • /bb lb teleport » Teleports leaderboard to your location
      • /bb lb delete » Delete your selected leaderboards
      • /bb lb refresh » Manually refresh all leaderboards
    • Arena Commands:
      • /bb create <name> <solo/team> » Create a solo/team Arena
      • /bb delete <name> » Delete an Arena
      • /bb addplot <name> » Add build plot for arena (must have selection)
      • /bb delplot <name> » Remove last added plot in specified arena
      • /bb setlobby <name> » Set arena waiting lobby location
      • /bb start » Start arena you are currently in
      • /settheme <theme> » Force set-theme for current arena
      • /bb start <name> » Start specified arena
      • /bb start <name> <theme> » Start specified arena with specified theme
      • /bb stop » Stop arena you are currently in
      • /bb stop <name> » Stop specified arena
    • Other Commands:
      • /bb addnpc » Create Change Floor NPC
      • /bb setmainlobby » Set main lobby location
      • /bb exportstats » Export players stats from stats.yml to MySQL
      • /bb help » Show list of available admin commands
      • /bb reload » Reload plugin
      • /bb editor » Open arena editor
      • /bb version » See which version are you running

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